World Peace Day 2023

Bilingual biology lesson for the 7th grade
World Peace Day 2023

World Peace Day 2023

The annual Peace Day is celebrated around the world on September 21st. In honor of this wonderful holiday, students of the International Arctic School held an event dedicated to this day, where they presented poems, spreading themes of peace in the whole world!

The event was attended by students from the 7th-11th grades. We heard from each of them wonderful poems about peace, kindness and love from different authors in different languages. After the poems, everyone sang together a really popular song which is so close to the theme of our holiday: “Let it be” – The Beatles.

This event was held so that, through the poems, children would convey to others and understand for themselves that our planet needs peace and love, and that everything in the world can be resolved peacefully!

“The atmosphere of the event was amazing to me. We had a wonderful time and felt unified. Furthermore, the youngest participants were really cute.” Valeria Gulyaeva, 10B

“The idea was good and it was cool.” Lu Tselun, 9V

“I really enjoyed the event; the children tried very hard to learn the poems. They read with feeling. I was surprised by the poem in Chinese. I’ve never heard of this happening in Yakutia, and then at the end I really liked the fact that everyone stayed on stage and the whole audience sang the song “Let it Be” with them.”  Ilya Valentinovich Yakovlev, Biology teacher

~By Sardaana Spiridonova, 10A