Teacher’s Day at IAS

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Teacher’s Day at IAS

On October 5 teachers celebrate their professional holiday – Teacher’s Day, during which students not only present bouquets and gifts, but they also take over teachers. The pupils of the tenth grade prepared the teaching material, conducted lessons and, of course, shared their impressions!

Subjects were distributed among students before the event: someone decided in a day, someone needed time to think. Many students taught four or five lessons in order to fully immerse into the atmosphere of one of the most important professions.

“I wanted to feel what it is,” comments a tenth grade student who taught History and Russian yesterday. One of the lessons was carried out online – “Recall the program of the seventh and eighth grades, get to know them. I liked that the guys treated me well, actively participated in the lesson and answered questions. There were no problems, except that there were “overlapping” lessons/

Many backup teachers also noticed how tough and demanding the teaching profession is – a teacher’s task is not only to impart knowledge but also to show patience, to connect with students and to be on the same page with them. A goal of prime importance for teachers of the Russian language and literature  is “to foster a love for the world, for people,” students comment.

But even despite all the challenges, the Takeover Day was remembered as an interesting and exciting event.

“I think Teacher’s day was excellent” one of the backup teachers says. “Teaching five classes in a row was somewhat difficult and it made me understand that being a teacher is really difficult: you need to have nerves of steel and go hungry (but we all love to eat). The eighth graders were very active and interested, although some said that they were not very good at computer science. It was also difficult to conduct a lesson online and offline at the same time. But I really liked it. “

The junior classes also performed well yesterday. I asked some of them what activities they remembered the most.

Many young teachers turned simple lessons into something fun: ” Jeopardy” in History with teams competing in knowledge beyond the school program, pop songs and cartoons in English lessons.

During a busy school day, students congratulated their teachers. There is no holiday without flowers, cute cards, sweet gifts and kind words.